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Meet Reports


Sunday 17th of December 2017.

Scramblers meet bikers, Polney (credit Wendy Georgeson)

Fourteen members of the club gathered in Dunkeld for a pre-Christmas meet, with walking, scrambling, mountain biking and/or tea and home baking on offer. Some adventure was already encountered when the group attempted to reach the car park above Polney. Alasdair managed to end up across the road, Dennis backed down it and the Tim ended up in a ditch trying to get out of his way. Fortunately, all club members eventually made it to the start point, where we split into two groups (a third group had also taken the more sensible option of a wander along the river).
The first group of five members rendezvoused with Grahame, Alice and the dog for the Tour of Polney Crag option. We set off up the climbers path to the foot of Polney and were soon tackling somewhat slippy scrambling. Luckily Grahame had come equipped with a rope for what was described as a walk with a few sections of easy scrambling. Beverley was glad to be able to take advantage of some rope reassurance which allowed her to continue with the group and enjoy being exposed on rocky edges once again! Lovely views down to the valley below were appreciated.
The mountain bikers followed the higher path north below Deuchary hill and then Polney before dropping down to Polney Loch and back to the carpark at Dunkeld. The path was steep-sided, narrow and slippery throughout. Fortunately, Alasdair managed to avoid serious damage when he took a tumble down the hill side, missing all the rocks and trees on the way.
On reaching the top by sheer coincidence the two groups met, with the cycle group muddy and battered. We then went our separate ways before meeting up back at Grahame and Mel’s house for freshly made homebakes, coffee and tea and a good chat about the days activities notably the pre walk adventures of cars on ice and in ditches with some problem solving required to solve the situations.
A thoroughly entertaining day was enjoyed by all groups.

Other photographs from the meet:

View from halfway up, Dunkeld (credit Dennis Underwood).Wendy wondering what all the fuss is about.�� in�Dunkeld (credit Dennis Underwood)Frozen Polney Loch. Note the tyre tracks and footprints !!�(credit Dennis Underwood).Tim reversed into a ditch trying to get out of the way of Dennis (credit Dennis Underwood).Grahame and his rope assisting a party member up a greasy slab, Dunkeld 2017 (credit Dennis Underwood).Returning below cave crags (credit Dennis Underwood).Jeff and Grahame, Polney (credit Wendy Georgeson)Scramblers meet bikers, Polney (credit Wendy Georgeson)Jeff Scrambling at Dunkeld (credit Wendy Georgeson)Rob in antlers, skating across the car park.On the track to Loch Ordie

Beinn Achaladair

Saturday 9th or Sunday 10th of December, 2017.

The party on the way up to Beinn Achaladair (credit Jeff Harris).

A good winter weather forecast encouraged a group of PMC’rs to quickly organise an ad hoc meet. Being Achaladair along with its neighbour Beinn a Chreachain was suggested by Keith and Paul and so on Sunday a group of five set off from Broxden to meet up with Neil at the car park near Achalladar farm. Neil, Keith, Paul M, Jeff, Stephen and Wendy had an enjoyable ascent in clear but intensely cold conditions with wonderful views all round of the mountain landscape.
The temptation of a warm fire and wholesome soup at Bridge of Orchy lured Wendy, Jeff and Neil to return from the first summit while the intrepid three carried on to claim both hills. There was great disappointment when arriving at the Bridge of Orchy hotel the car park was empty and there was no warm glow from within. Jeff and Wendy had to return without sustenance to wait in the car as the others made their way over difficult terrain involving river crossings in the dark! It was good to see the three headtorches arriving back. A good day was had by all!

Other photographs from the meet:

The party on the way up to Beinn Achaladair (credit Jeff Harris).Evening descent from Beinn Achaladair (credit Jeff Harris).

Annual Dinner, Pitlochry

Friday 17th to Sunday 19th of November, 2017.

The party on the summit of Meall Chuaich (credit Dennis Underwood)

Once again we were blessed with cold and dry weather for the dinner weekend at Pitlochry though there was a very cold NW wind on the Saturday. Meall Chuaich was ascended by a party of 9 enjoying good views and sharing chocolate cake with a party celebrating a Munro completion. The westerly 2 Munro tops of Beinn a Ghlo and Ben Vuirich were also climbed.
Nineteen members and 1 guest enjoyed a very good meal at the Moulin Hotel. After his speech the President handed out the awards including returning ‘the boot’ to its original owner.
The inaugural “Des Bassett Attendance Award”, was also made by the award organiser, Dennis Underwood. The award celebrates the life of Des Bassett, a long standing club member, Honorary President and Treasurer, who passed away recently, for his commitment and enthusiasm for the club. The award is also intended to celebrate participation in the club’s meets and is given to the club member who attends the most meets during the year. This year, the award was given to Jeff Harris, who attended eight meets, just pipping Wendy Georgeson, with seven.
The President’s walk on the Sunday was up Ben Vrackie also in honour of our late Honorary President. He would have appreciated the descent by a route new to many involving a steep and rough gully. The weather was again kind though with less wind but some cloud on the higher tops.

Other photographs from the meet:

The party on the summit of Meall Chuaich (credit Dennis Underwood)Carn Liath (credit AD)Braigh Corie Chruinn Bhalgain (credit AD)Ben Vrackie (credit AD)Ben Vrackie (credit Dennis Underwood)Geese (credit Dennis Underwood)Ben Vrackie Summit Marker (credit Dennis Underwood)Ben Vrackie Summit (credit Dennis Underwood)(credit Dennis Underwood)(credit Dennis Underwood)(credit Dennis Underwood)(credit Jeff Harris).

Ladies’ Scottish Climbing Club Hut, Milehouse, Kincraig

Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd of October, 2017.

Looking south from Creag Dubh

There is an expectation that all meet reports begin with a weather forecast: in summary, mixed. The mood, however, was not dampened by this prediction. Having taken the Friday afternoon off, Andrzej and I arrived in Newtonmore and had a couple of hours nosying around Creag Dubh and scrambling up the scree boulders to the right. We then headed to the Milehouse hut for about five, loaded with dinner and even some beer, where we proceeded to get the fire going and settle into this excellent accommodation. Others arrived during the evening, including two more prospective members. There was a very relaxed atmosphere in the evening and the story of the flooded bunkroom was repeated a number of times with great relish.
The forecast for Saturday was for wind early and rain later, causing the party to schism. Five of us went off to tick Braeriach, which was one of my dwindling number of Munros. We decided on the route via the Chamlain Gap from the Sugar Bowl. This was predicted to be a trudge up, followed by a chocolate bar in the wind and a trudge down, but the weather actually turned out to be much better, with good views lower down of Lurcher’s Crag and out to Aviemore.
The more sensible group decided to head for the Corbett Geal-charn Mor, on the other side of the A9 from Aviemore. The party enjoyed superb views of the Cairngorm range and were convinced they could see their fellow club members getting a drenching.
Saturday evening was excellent fun, with a wide variety of dishes cooked, including a superb chocolate tart. Entertainment was provided by Catherine and Kenny, who brought Bananarama with them, a sort of distributed scrabble. This was excellent news for the convener, as everybody else was concentrating on their puzzles whilst he relaxed with a beer and a magazine.
Sunday had similar weather, but despite this, three of us determined to head into the hills again. Susan, Andrzej and I set out for the hills on the eastern side of the pass of Drumochter. Despite the threatening rain, we had clear views to the south on A’Bhuidheanach Bheag. Unfortunately, the weather closed in on Carn na Caim and we missed the clear line of fence posts to the summit. This gave us an opportunity to practice our compass work, with satisfying results. Several others attendees were much more sensible and had a walk up Glen Tromie to enjoy the autumn colours, turning round when the rain got heavier. We returned to glorious sunshine in Perth. Sigh.
Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable meet with great company, great food and beautiful surroundings.

Other photographs from the meet:

Looking south from Creag DubhAscending Braeriach - Lurchers CragLurchers CragDescending the Chamlain GapAt the summit of A'Bhuidheanach BheagAt the summit of A'Bhuidheanach Bheag (credit Susan Morag)Tea break on BraeriachAt the summit of A'Bhuidheanach Bheag (credit Susan Morag)


Friday 8th to Sunday 10th of September, 2017.

Looking across to the Cobbler from Beinn Narnain

Well, after looking forward to the Arran meet since it came out in the meet list about a year ago, I’m sad to say I felt I had to take the decision to cancel it.

Other than me, I had one definite taker and four more who were waiting to see what the weather was going to be like.

One person had to cancel due to circumstances beyond their control.

I was therefore left with the choice of running the Arran meet for myself and one other, with the forecast reasonable for Saturday but poor on Sunday; cancelling completely; or running a day meet on Saturday.

Opting for the latter, Richard and Brenda expressed interest in The Cobbler with Jeff happy to come along, too.

The four of us had a cracking day out, with me dragging the others up the SE ridge of Beinn Narnain (purely because I’d never been up that way before and it looked nice on the map!) It turned out to be a direct ascent, initially in a stream, then by a boggy path with a few scramble bits. The summit crags looked good for winter climbing with substantial vegetation on anything not directly S facing. Lunch number 1 and we headed over to The Cobbler where Richard performed photographer duties as the rest of us went up. Lunch number 2 followed, then Richard and Brenda went to take a closer look at the N Peak while Jeff and I reccéd the S Peak. Reuniting at the Narnain Boulders, we descended to Succoth by the main path – drier than the ascent but endless zig-zags through the forest!

In true PMC style, we gatecrashed the Target Hotel in somewhat less than fresh clothes for a very welcome round of drinks and snacks. A great day out!

Other photographs from the meet:

Looking across to the Cobbler from Beinn NarnainJeff in front of the CobblerThe Cobbler Summit (credit Richard Bott)The Cobbler Summit (credit Richard Bott)

Glen Brittle Hut, Skye

Friday 11th to Sunday 13th of August, 2017.

credit Susan Morag.

Despite the weathers attempts to foil us we had a very successful and entertaining weekend in Skye. Glen Brittle Memorial Hut once again provided a most comfortable and well located venue though access past the Fairy Pools has now become problematic since they have gone viral with overflowing tourists causing traffic conjestion! Yes! In Skye!

It was a well attended meet with nine members making the long journey and sadly two call offs. Jeff, Susan and Paul extended their weekend by setting off early on Thursday and climbing Saileag, one of the three brothers in North Glensheil. Wendy and Grahame joined them in the evening and Friday was spent climbing Tianavaig, a small hill overlooking Portree which was rather like a mini Trotternish Ridge. A tourist trip followed taking in the dinosaur footprints? at An Corran beach and the kilt rock.

The full compliment of members arrived on Friday night. Saturday saw seven of us climbing the Sgurr Thuilm ridge, traversing over Sgurr a Mhadaidh and Sgurr a Greadaidh and continuing over the narrowest ridge section to the summit of Bannachdich. A magic day was enjoyed by all and Tina discovered why the evenings conversation had mentioned helmets, harnesses and ropes!

Grahame went in search of climbing routes in Coir a Ghrunnda and to recce the Klondyker route which it was hoped would be climbed on the Sunday.

Tom ventured off to explore a circular forest cycling route on his amazing new machine!

Sunday which was forecast to be the best weather dawned with gloom in the Coirres and rain showers. Wendy and Grahame decided to try further South with a planned scramble up the Forcan Ridge but were met with very wet conditions and ended up opting for A Ghlas Bhein which was a pleasant walk in fairly good conditions. The four who set off to climb Am Basteir proved not to be so fortunate when they were greeted with an intensive shower on the summit making the descent somewhat slippy, hazardous and slow with a return to Perth at midnight! Some folks just like to make the very most of their weekend! So all and all a most enjoyable weekend with quite a few summits claimed. Next weekend to look forward to is Arran meet in September convened by Alison so do get in touch!

Other photographs from the meet:

credit Susan Morag.credit Susan Morag.Credit Susan Morag.credit Wendy GeorgesonCredit Susan Morag.Credit Susan Morag.Credit Susan Morag.credit Wendy GeorgesonCredit Susan Morag.Credit Susan Morag.Credit Susan Morag.Credit Susan Morag.credit Wendy Georgesoncredit Wendy Georgesoncredit Wendy Georgeson